If you are a college student, you need to be aware that the consequences for your actions now have a very different impact than before.  You are no longer subject to a juvenile justice system, whose aim is to rehabilitate individuals.  You are now subject to the criminal justice system, which is penal in nature, and the consequences will follow your for the rest of your life.  Your criminal record is permanent, and will be public information available to be used against you in many capacities.

If you are a college student who has been cited or charged with a crime, this can and will have consequences for you separate and apart from the criminal justice system.

Did you know that being charged with a crime can, among other things:

  • Mean that you are referred for judicial proceedings through your college or university
    • These processes have their own consequences, including probation and expulsion from the college or university
    • You can and should have legal representation during these proceedings
    • Your criminal case can drastically affect what happens during your judicial proceedings
    • Your judicial proceedings can be used against you in a court of law
  • Affect your ability to qualify for loans and/or scholarships
  • Affect your ability to participate in extracurricular activities

If you have been charged with a crime while in college, you should contact the attorneys at Peterson White immediately.  With Brandi Murrell’s background as a former director of student judicial programs, there is no attorney more qualified to represent you both on the campus and in the courtroom.  You are working hard for your future – make sure it is protected by hiring the attorney with the experience you need.