Acriminal conviction for DUI in Tennessee is permanent, and stays on your criminal record for your entire life.  In addition, it can impact your ability to drive, your employment, and much more.

DUI laws are very specific and complicated.  In some jurisdictions, DUI cases even have their own court.  DUI prosecutors are specialized in the area of DUI law.  The penalties for a DUI conviction are harsh.  This is why it is imperative that you hire an attorney who can protect your rights and ensure the best outcome of your case possible.

The attorneys at Peterson White are experienced attorneys with specific training in DUI defense and evidentiary issues.

Penalties of a DUI

Learn more about the penalties of a DUI for:

  • First offense through repeat offenses
  • Repeat convictions within 5 years

What is a DUI?

Learn more about:

  • What exactly is a DUI
  • DUI and drugs
  • Important points to remember about DUI charges

Implied Consent Violations

Learn more about what implied consent violations are, and:

  • How you can be charged with a violation
  • What the penalties are

FAQs About DUIs

Let us answer many of your most frequently asked questions about DUIs including:

  • If you are still permitted to drive
  • How long a conviction remains on your record
  • Your Miranda Rights