If you have been convicted of a criminal offense, it will remain on your record permanently.

However, Tennessee law allows for the expungement of a record in certain instances.  Expungement simply means that public record of the charge will be erased.  Those eligible for expungements are the following: if you had a charge dismissed, you successfully completed Judicial Diversion, or a No True Bill was returned by the Grand Jury.  There are other, very specific instances in which a person might be eligible to apply for an expungement due to a relatively new change in Tennessee law.

Legal documents must be drafted, approved, and then filed in the court where the charges were filed.  After an Order is filed to have the charges expunged, it can take up to 6 months for the expungement to be processed through the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations.

Expungements  are legal documents that require exacting attention to detail.  The attorneys at Peterson White can prepare the proper legal documents, get them approved and filed and ensure that your expungement is handled in a timely manner.