Peterson White was founded in 2011 after colleagues and friends – Nick Peterson and Jennifer White – began sharing ideas about how to serve clients better by improving an antiquated and lawyer-centered billing structure. They envisioned using innovative technology to improve attorney-client communications, and putting an emphasis on client service rather than billable hours. They dreamed of a law firm where the end result mattered more than the number of hours billed. They marveled at the effectiveness that could be realized by eschewing stale billing practices and file management in favor of the innovative technology now available to lawyers.

When Peterson White opened its doors in 2011, the door was closed on an old way of doing business. The lawyers at Peterson White have unbeatable expertise. Just as importantly, Peterson White has the technology to support a cutting edge approach to litigation and file management that saves our clients money and time. We also have the flexibility to offer alternative pricing and fee structures that benefit all our clients, corporate and personal.

At Peterson White, integrity and service are more than obligatory marketing buzzwords; they are the very foundation of our practice. We say what we mean and mean what we say.