Employer Resources:

Background Checks: What Employers Need to Know
A brief documentation about background checks and how to comply with federal laws that protect applicants and employees from discrimination. It also outlines how to abide by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and how to comply with both federal nondiscrimination laws as well as the FCRA.

General Business Liability Insurance – How it Works and What Coverage is Right for You
Outlines the process of starting a business and what kind of liability insurance is needed. Also covers the definition of liability insurance, what protection it provides, and what type of coverage your business needs.

Injury and Violence Prevention and Control
Details all facets of personal injury, including topics such as violence prevention, motor vehicle safety, home and recreational safety, and traumatic brain injury. Also provides data and statistics.

The Law Dictionary
Legal terms can be confusing. Check out the legal dictionary of law definition and terms available for free online.

Labor and Employment Law Resources on the Internet.

Tennessee Resources:

Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Provides a better understanding of the benefits and requirements of the Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Act. Includes programs to assist both employers and injured workers to resolve conflicts that arise from a workplace accident or injury.

TN Labor Laws – FAQ
FAQs related to case management, fraud, medical fee schedule, claims and coverage, case management and much more.

Employer Assistance – TN Dept of Labor
Quick reference guides, information about unemployment taxes, unemployment insurance, new hire reporting, labor market information, and more.

TN Bar Association

Government/National Resources:

 The United States Department of Labor
 Official Social Security Website
 Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Workers Compensation Research Institute

Kentucky Resources:

Kentucky Department of Workers’ Claims
The DWC site contains resources such as an overview of workers’ compensation in Kentucky, forms, and information on EDI filings.

Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Statutes
Kentucky’s workers’ compensation statutes are located in Chapter 342 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS 342.0011 through KRS 342.990).

Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Regulations
Kentucky’s workers’ compensation regulations are found in Title 803, Chapter 25 (803 KAR 25:009 through 803 KAR 25:280). Adjusters will want to pay particular attention to 803 KAR 25:240 which covers unfair claims settlement practice.

Indiana Resources:

Workers’ Compensation Board of Indiana
The website for the Workers’ Compensation Board of Indiana includes numerous resources, including all of the required forms. It also includes benefit schedules with minimums and maximums.

Indiana Code
The Indiana workers’ compensation statutes are found in Indiana Code Title 22, Article 3 (I.C. 22-3-1-1 through I.C. 22-3-12-1).

Indiana Regulations
The Indiana workers’ compensation regulations are found in Title 631 of the Indiana Administrative Code. (631 IAC 1-1-1 through 631 IAC 1-1-33)

Indiana Department of Insurance Licensing and Continuing Education Requirements