Traffic citations are generally handled in either General Sessions Court or Municipal Court.  Although they may seem minor, you should be aware that traffic citations do have consequences that can include losing your license. The Tennessee Department of Safety uses a point system, and if a driver accumulates 12 or more points during a one year period, they may suspend your driver’s license.   Other consequences of a traffic citation can include, but are not limited to: a fine, court costs, points added to your driving history, higher insurance rates, and more.

If you fail to contest the citation, and opt to instead mail in payment, you will receive a conviction for the offense and the penalties associated with the same.  If you show up in Court to represent yourself, the Judge or prosecuting attorney will not be allowed to give you legal advice or to help you understand what options are available.  You should never represent yourself in any legal proceeding.  All legal proceedings in which you have been charged with any violation have the possibility of serious consequences.  There is no such thing as “just a ticket.”

Your best option is to hire an experienced attorney to handle your citation.  They will appear in court for you, and can ensure the best possible resolution, including avoiding certain consequences associated with a conviction.  The attorneys at Peterson White can ensure that your traffic citation receives the same attention that any other court case does, and ensure that you have an advocate in court.