A DUI charge and conviction can certainly leave you with limited transportation options.  A college student at Texas State University in San Antonio, Texas found herself without a driver’s license after she was arrested.  It was then that Sara Monroe decided that her best option for transportation would be a pink Barbie Jeep.  Yes, that would be the same one you are thinking of: the battery powered vehicle that is typically used by small children in their yards and neighborhoods.

In Tennessee, both a DUI and an Implied Consent violation can lead to a license revocation for a period of one year.  And operating a battery powered luxury toddler ride on the streets of Tennessee is prohibited by law.

So although Ms. Monroe might have created her own 15 minutes of fame with her legal problems, you should always hire a qualified attorney to advise you of your rights and responsibilities if you are charged with a crime, and have them start working on your case immediately.

Want to find out more about TN DUI laws?  Check out our website here: http://petersonwhite.com/dui-defense/ and the State of TN’s information here https://tn.gov/safety/article/duioutline.

Want to read more about Ms. Monroe?  Read the original article here: http://m.mysanantonio.com/lifestyle/article/College-junior-rides-her-Barbie-Jeep-adound-6478450.php

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