Be Prepared for Your Court Date.

Be on time. Know what courtroom you need to appear in, and where it is located. Remember that you will have to deal with parking, security checks, and getting to the right place. Plan to leave yourself enough time to deal with any unexpected issues and still be where you need to be when you need to be there.

Dress appropriately. All courts have dress codes, and you should be dressed appropriately and respectfully. It is best to wear business attire. You will not be allowed to enter a courtroom if you have on shorts, hats, or anything that could be considered inappropriate or offensive.

Do not bring anything inappropriate with you, including items that could be confiscated such as pocket knives. If you need to bring prescription medication with you, make sure you bring it in the correct prescription container that has your name on it.

Before your court date, discuss with your attorney if there are any items you need to bring with you to your court date. Ensure that you bring anything you were instructed to bring or might need.

Be prepared to be attentive and respectful of the Court and its proceedings.

While in court, do not try to speak to any other parties unless you have been instructed to do so. This includes attorneys that do not represent you, opposing parties, individuals who are incarcerated, the Judge, etc. If you have questions and do not see your attorney, direct your questions to the Court Officers.

Do not leave the courtroom without informing your attorney.

If you have questions or do not understand something, always ask questions. Do not sign or agree to anything without understanding the specifics of any action you take.

If you change your phone number or address, always inform your attorney’s office so that they can maintain in contact with you at all times.

Always appear. You must always appear at any court date unless your appearance has been excused prior to the court date and you have been notified that your personal appearance is not necessary. If you fail to appear for a court date, the Judge will issue a warrant for your arrest for Failure to Appear.

Don’t panic. The legal process may be a new and intimidating process for you, but your attorney will be there to help you. Your attorney will guide you through this process.

Always stay in communication with your attorney. They are the individuals with the knowledge and skill to ensure that you have the best outcome possible.

FAQs About the Criminal Process


You absolutely do need to hire an attorney.  There is one simple reason: you cannot afford not to.  The consequences of criminal convictions are permanent.  The purpose of hiring an experienced, qualified attorney is so they can use their expertise to ensure that you have the best outcome possible.  It is that simple.


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