For most organizations, a lawsuit is no longer a question of “if” but “when.” Organizations have options regarding how to handle actual or threatened legal action.  What option they choose may directly impact the organization’s strength, prosperity, and potential future litigation.

Peterson White’s General Liability Defense Attorneys have experience representing a variety of clients in claims arising out of virtually all areas of general liability.  Our priority is to help our clients identify their options, and decide what litigation strategy best enables them to achieve their goals, both within the litigation, and also across other areas of the organization.  Our commitment to our clients and their goals enables us to minimize the impact of litigation on our clients’ overall strength and prosperity.  We work to understand our clients’ objectives and then devise a legal strategy appropriate for their case, at an efficient cost.

Our General Liability Defense Team has successfully handled litigation in the following areas of law:
• Automobile accidents
• Employment-related liability
• Premises liability
• Personal injury
• Transportation liability
• Construction
• Property claims